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Redesign of Metron's Exercise Library

Metron Innovation Platform is a fitness training online platform providing tools to help coaches build their in-person/online training business. Metron targets coaches who want to get their training assets digitized, using the latest technology and delivering an in app experience for their clients globally. Founded in 2011, Metron has hundreds of beta user coaches and 22,038 active mobile client users.
Platform: Web 
Users: Fitness Coaches
Team Size :  20 people
My Role: Product Design Lead


Exercise content is an essential component in building a custom training course. The original exercise library only displayed limited information and lacked organization. It created a product adaptability issue. The Metron exercise library needed an information hierarchy and user journey revamp.

Pain Points

  • Coaches couldn’t see enough information in exercise at-a-glance  
  • Coaches couldn’t add their own exercise modality or brand
  • It was difficult to find out which exercises were contained in which workout program
  • Coaches couldn’t add  new exercises in the exercise tab
  • Finding the right exercises one-by-one was time-consuming
The Previous Old Exercise Tab Screen


Create friction-free experience for coaches to quickly set up a branded fitness program
  • Have a library that coaches can easily use
  • Tighten up the connection between exercise and training course 
  • Allow coaches to store the frequently used exercises
  • Allow coaches to add their own customized exercises 
  • Give coaches better structure to organize, update and view 

My Role

I was the product design lead working with two designers. I developed key design tasks and reviewed the team’s work.


Comparative Analysis

I started with a comparison analysis to gather the feature data with Metron’s direct fitness platform competitors, determining:
  • How do these platforms organize their exercise library
  • Feedback of the current users from these competitor platforms 
  • Functionality in common inside of the competitor’s exercise libraries
Comparison chart

Persona Development

I created a survey in Google Form and sent it out to our Facebook coach group. Metron’s target users are mostly coaches fall between 20~50 years old. Total 13 coaches – 8 males and 5 females had filled up the form. They usually have a very busy schedule and want to use technology to help optimize their training experience. I created two user persona to simulate our primary users

Christine , Personal Fitness Trainer

Location: California 

Age: 26

Coaching experience: 2 years

Number of clients: 32

Specialize on: Bodyweight, weight lifting

Service type: 1-on-1, small group calendar training

I would like to organize my frequently used Exercises 

Weston , Fitness Youtube Influencer

Location: Texas

Age: 34

Coaching experience: 8 years

Number of clients: 2000+

Specialize on: Crossfit, Powerlifting

Service type: Selling Ebook, seminar

Branding and demoing my signature moves is important

Solution Proposal

Now that I had the research results and coaches’ feedback, I met up with stakeholders (product manager and coach consultant) to list out product requirements. I also met with the lead engineer to discuss the development time of this feature. Here is the list of features we discussed.
  • Create a My Library Tab that coaches can use to store their frequently used exercises  
  • Add an exercise slide panel for quick editing
  • Add New Exercise is for coaches to create their special movements 
  • Quick-add list will help new coaches bundle exercises fast by using tags (crossfit, weight lifting, yoga..etc) 
  • Add exercises  from Metron Library will help coaches to generate specific exercise list quickly
Easy to Use
  • Sorting by program option will allow coaches to only edit exercises related with specific training program 
  • Display correct type icons of exercise will help the coach see them quickly at-a-glance 
  • Linear path for newbie and experienced coaches to add exercises
  • Bulk editing option is for the coach to use Excel to edit offline

User Flow for Exercise tab

To further visualize the users’ movement through the Metron platform, I also created a user flow diagram that highlights the major changes. This flow should meet coaches’ needs and the overall needs/goals of the Metron exercise tab.

Ideation Phase

Sketches & Wireframe

This step will help stakeholders to visualize the user task flows and overall design of the exercise library. I brainstormed with the product manager iterating design fast by sketching on a whiteboard. I wireframed out different concepts across the entire journey. We refined the wireframe several times after reviewing it with stakeholders.

High-fidelity design

Add Exercises

Coaches start with adding exercises. There are 3 ways to add exercises into their library based on coaches’ needs. My library tab is used to store their frequently used exercises. Coaches can store and edit their exercises while they are adding them. 
Add Exercises - Add From Metron Library flow​
Add Exercises -Quick-Add Exercise List flow​
Add Exercises - Add New Exercise flow

Edit Exercise detail

Once the exercises are added, coaches can start editing the information to as desired. The slide-in exercise detail panel will dynamically change information while users click through individual exercises.   

My Library Wireframe

Exercise Detail Panel Wireframe

Download exercise csv Prototype

This is an Interactive Prototype to simulate how the finished exercise library would work. In the video below, Im using XD to demo to engineers and stakeholders

Delivery Phase

Quick-add Exercise Demo

Personalize exercise name Demo


  • Coaches’ productivity for creating training programs increased by 25% 

  • 45% of coaches started customizing their own exercises right away 

  • An experienced coach can create a complex program with the new exercise library in a few hours

  • A new coach can make 3 programs with the new exercise library in 2 days and start selling

  • Coaches love white-labeling feature(for customizing exercise name)

  • Metron Facebook group overall has positive responses from coaches