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Tome - immortal Arena

Tome - Immortal Arena

TOME: Immortal Arena, developed by KIXEYE, is a free-to-play MOBA that boasts less farming and more fast-paced matches. The game-play will only last 20 min or less. It was targeted MOBA audient like from League of legend. This game was developed in Unity engine and released on steam platform. I was UI artist in a team of 4 people. I was in this team early on to set up style working with another illustrator. My majority work is on HUD and Domain features
Platform: Web
The Users: Core Moba players
Team Size :  300+ people
My Role: UI Artist

HUD Design

I did the design for the head-up display. included framing, bars and top right icons

Character Selection Menu

I created the assets for framing , left/right arrows, lock and class icons.

Domain Nav Menu

I designed the layout and and created graphic for all of assets 

Devotion Gain Card Dialog

I designed the card layout and and framing graphic

In Game Demo